Master SIAD

Systèmes d'Information pour l'Aide à la Décision

The Computer Science Master Degre Programme in Information Technologies for Decision-support (SIAD) trains business intelligence engineers (information system specialists who help develop the strategies of decision makers).

In 2017-2018, master SIAD only opens for M2 level. M1 students should postulate for BDMA master (see more)

Engineers to support business development strategy
Business Intelligence (BI) is a computer science field devoted to collecting and analyzing data to facilitate decision making. The objective is to generate knowledge and value added, to identify, develop and create economic opportunities and thus provide a competitive advantage in the market.
BI covers encompasses many scientific and technical fields including databases, integration and data quality, web technologies, design of information systems, data mining, information retrieval. The programme is designed to provide the knowledge, expertise and skills in these particular fields of the IT.

Realizing skills
A significant part of the lessons (30% to 40%) is provided by IT professionals.
The professional aspects are addressed through English lessons promoting international mobility, business organization lessons, a BI project at 1st year, and a 6-month internship at 2nd year.

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