ROOT Members



Non-permanent members

  • CABRET Florent, Ph.D. student
  • CALLICO Adrien, Ph.D. student
  • CHANSON Alexandre, Ph.D. student
  • LACHARME Guillaume, Ph.D. student
  • LECOMTE Clément, Ph.D. student
  • MOHAMED ELMOCTAR Mohamed Abdaerrahman , Ph.D. student
  • MOULARD Simon, Ph.D. student
  • MONTALBANO Pierre, Ph.D., Postdoc
  • RAY Tom, Ph.D. student
  • REPUSSEAU Félix, Ph.D. student
  • SCHAU Quentin, Ph.D. student (joint degree with Politecnico di torino) 
  • VENDE Pierre, Ph.D. student (joint degree with HEC Montréal) 

Staff (shared with other teams)