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LIFAT Defense - Clay Palmeira


on the September 23, 2019

Lundi 23 Septembre à 13h30.
l’Université de Tours, Parc Grammont, Bâtiment L, salle de thèse au RDC.
30 Avenue du Monge, 37200 Tours

Clay Palmeira - Titre : The CUBE: A User-centric system-model architecture for Web service migration through multiple devices

Abstract :
Web Services allow us to share almost everything. However, all services are provided synchronized by a Server or Cloud-based system, and we do not focus on delivering synchronizing services at the User-side. This thesis concentrate in an environment with multiple devices able to synchronize Web Services at the User-side without depending on a Cloud-Based System. We proposed a model-based architecture, called The CUBE, to allow fluently move services/data and sessions from one device to another regardless of the operating system. The CUBE relies on User-Centric paradigm to provide an environment that allows for migrating Web Services across devices (laptops, mobiles,etc.), and entirely transparent for the user. Based on Liquid Software principles, we also presented two feasibility tests. First, a light-coupling service called LiquidMail. Second, hard-coupling service as a streaming video from YouTube. The achieved results demonstrate the interest of our
proposal within reliable results.

Keywords : User-Side, Web Services, Multiple Devices, Synchronization, Distributed Computing, Mobility, Liquid Software.