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LIFAT Seminar: Carola Doerr - Evolutionary Algorithms -- From Theory to Practice and Back


on the June 19, 2019

19 juin de 13h-14h
LIFAT - salle 110,-  Département Informatique de Polytech Tours.

Carola est Chargé de Recherche au CNRS et actuellement en poste au LIP6

Title: Evolutionary Algorithms -- From Theory to Practice and Back

Abstract: Most real-world optimization problems do not have an explicit problem formulation, but only allow to compute the quality of selected solution candidates. Solving such black-box optimization problems requires iterative procedures which use the feedback gained from previous evaluations to determine the strategy by which the next solution candidates are generated. Many black-box optimization algorithms, such as Simulated Annealing, Evolutionary Algorithms, Swarm Intelligence Algorithms, are randomized -- making it very difficult to analyze their performances mathematically.

In the last 15 years, the theory of randomized black-box optimization has advanced considerably, and has contributed to efficient optimization by providing insights into the working principles of black-box optimization which are hard or impossible to obtain by empirical means. On the other hand, empirically-guided benchmarking has opened up new research directions for theoretical investigations.

In this presentation we will discuss the state of the art in the theory of randomized black-box optimization algorithms. As part of this critical survey we will also mention a number of open questions and connections to other fields of Computer Science.