2009-2012 - CODEX

Efficiency, Dynamicity and Composition for XML: Models, Algorithms and Systems

ANR Project

Partners :
  • WAM, INRIA Grenoble
  • Mostrate, INRIA Lille
  • Gemo, INRIA Saclay
  • Innovimax SARL
  • LI, Université de Tours
  • PPS, Université Paris 7
  • LRI, Université Paris Sud
Local coordinator: Mirian Halfeld Ferrari Alves

Project description:
The technological development around XML is in many ways unprecedented. A large family of standards have been or are currently developed by international standardization bodies such as the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), ISO etc., for tasks as varied as querying, formatting, encoding scientific content, modeling interactions between distributed parties or coordinating such interactions, validating data according to given types, updating, scripting etc. A second unique dimension of the XML technology boom is the availability of numerous free tools, enlarging the pool of potential developers as it has never been before, and fostering experimentation and innovation. Finally, a third unique dimension is the rich interaction between academic research and industrial players, taking place within standardization bodies, in international technical meetings, and more generally in the worldwide electronic arena of those interested in XML technologies.

The research work we propose to undertake seeks to push the frontier of XML technology innovation in three interconnected directions. First, we propose to study languages, algorithms, and develop prototypes for efficient and expressive XML processing, in particular advancing towards massively distributed XML repositories. Second, we will consider models for describing, controlling, and reacting to the dynamic behavior of XML corporas and XML schemas with time. Third, we propose theories, models and prototypes for composing XML programs for richer interactions, and XML schemas into rich, expressive, yet formally grounded type descriptions.

See more: http://archive.is/codex.saclay.inria.fr