2013-2014 - TEMPORAL

Construction d’un corpus numérique oral annoté en référence et coréférence temporelle

MSH Val de Loire

  • LLL (Laboratoire Ligerien de Linguistique - CNRS & Orléans University)
  • LI
Leader: Jean-Yves Antoine

Description :
TEMPORAL is a pluridisciplinary project founded by the MSH Val de Loire and led by research teams in linguistics (LLL)
and computer science (LI and LIFO). Its aims was to investigate the potential limitations of the ISO Time-ML, a norm
for the annotation of temporal information in text corpora. TEMPORAL has led to the proposal of significative extensions
and modifications of the norm, which will be followed in an ongoing regional projet (ODIL).

Web : http://tln.li.univ-tours.fr/Tln_Temporal.html (French)

Publications :

Lefeuvre-Halftermeyer A., Antoine J.Y., Couillault A., Schang E., Lotfi A., Savary A., Maurel D., Eshkol-Taravella I., Battistelli D. (2016)
Temporal annotation: it is the right time to improve ISO TimeML !
Proc. LREC’2016 (submitted)