2013-2017 - PARSEME

PARSing and Multi-word Expressions

COST Network - Action PARSEME

28 European countries and 2 non European countries
Leader: Agata Savary

Project abstract:
The IC1207 COST Action PARSEME is an interdisciplinary scientific network devoted to the role of multi-word expressions (MWEs) in parsing.
It gathers interdisciplinary experts (linguists, computational linguists, computer scientists, psycholinguists, and industrials) from 30 countries which have signed the Memorandum of Understanding.
It represents 29 languages and 6 dialects from 10 language families.
It covers different parsing frameworks: CCG (Combinatory Categorial Grammar), DG (Dependancy Grammar), GG (Generative Grammar), HPSG (Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar), LFG (Lexical Functional Grammar), TAG (Tree Adjoining Grammar)...
It addresses different methodologies (symbolic, probabilistic and hybrid parsing) and language technology applications (machine translation, information retrieval...).

Duration: 8 March 2013 – 7 March 2017

PARSEME is structured in 4 Working Groups. Its main activities include scientific meetings, short-term scientific missions, workshops and training schools. It promotes gender balance and it adheres to COST policy in promoting early-stage researchers.

Steering Committee:
  • MC chair: Dr Agata Savary (France)
  • MC vice-chair: Prof Adam Przepiórkowski (Poland)
  • Working Group leaders and vice-leaders:
    • WG 1: Prof. Manfred Sailer (Germany), Gyri Smørdal Losnegaard (Norway), Carla Parra Escartín (Norway)
    • WG 2: Dr Yannick Parmentier (France), Jakub Waszczuk (France)
    • WG 3: Mr Michael Rosner (Malta), Matthieu Constant (France)
    • WG 4: Prof. Victoria Rosén (Norway), Petya Osenova (Bulgaria)
  • Representatives of Early-Stage Researchers (ESRs): Veronika Vincze (Hungary), substitute:v Federico Sangati (Italy).
  • Coordinator of Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs): Cvetana Krstev (Serbia)
  • Dissemination Coordinator: Prof Miriam Butt (Germany)

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: www.parseme.eu