2014-2017 - DOPAn

Open Data for Monitoring and Analysis

Center Region Founds

  • LI(University of Tours),
  • Observatory of Economy and Territories of the Loir et Cher
Leader: Patrick Marcel

Project abstract
The DOPAn project (Open Data for Monitoring and Analysis), is a regional-founded project, whose partners are the LI laboratory of the University of Tours and the Observatory of Economy and Territories of the Loir et Cher.   
The project focuses on the interactive analysis    of open data, to study the energy vulnerability    of the households and territories of Loir et Cher, regarding domestic energy and mobility-related expenses.
The outcome of the project is a user-friendly, user-centered dedicated BI solution, extensible to other types of data and territories.

The project aims to:
  • Build a warehouse to centralize data and prepare analysis, collecting primary information that is not available yet.
  • Support analysts and study their analytical habits to adapt analysis tools to their needs
  • Develop a dedicated solution, easy to use, durable, and extended to other types of data and other territories.

See more: www.info.univ-tours.fr/dp/fr/recherche/dopan