e-VRO annual seminar 2017

Mai 12, 2017 | 15h00-18h00 | Salle 110 Polytech Tours

e-VRO holds its 2017 annual seminar on May 12. In this annual rendez vous the members of the project get together to present and discuss their e-VRO research. Here is the program for this year’s edition:
  1. 15h00-15h30 e-VRO: annual report (J.E. Mendoza, project coordinator)
  2. 15h30-16h00 “The electric vehicle routing problem with nonlinear charging function and capacitated charging stations” (A. Froger)
  3. 16h00-16h30 Coffee break
  4. 16h30-17h00 “Electric vehicle routing with uncertain charging station availability & dynamic decision making” (N. Kullman)
  5. 17h00-17h30 “The multi-period electric vehicle routing problem” (L. Echeverri)

The seminar will take place in Room 101 at the department of Computer Science of Polytech Tours. If you want to attend the event, please send an email to anr[dot]evro[at]gmail[dot]com.